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Teen Gift Ideas: Mother-Daughter Book Club (Plus a Disney-Hyperion Giveaway!)

The teen and I read a lot of the same books; my literary tastes peaked at young adult, and Disney-Hyperion publishes some of our very favorites. Percy Jackson, Ghallagher Girls, and It’s Kind of a Funny Story top our list. Though she’s well beyond the age of reading together, we are frequently reading the same […]

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Toddler Gift Ideas: Holiday Book Traditions (Plus a Disney Giveaway!)

There was a book I read every year as a child, approximately 100 times, leading into Christmas. Then, I read it to my brother. When my daughter was born, I bought a new copy to read to her. I still have the original, but the scratch and sniff stickers didn’t smell anymore. So, she got […]

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Convincing Kids to Read (Leapfrog Tag Getting Ready for Kindergarten Review)

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring this review.  For more information about LeapFrog Tag Get Ready for Kindergarten, please visit their website #LeapFrogTag #spon Lorelai is in 1st grade this year. We have left behind the Pink Tower and Bob Books to enter the world of spelling tests and reading circles. The only problem? She’s […]

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Earning TV Time

I’ve been told that the princess is way too busy. With dance 3 days a week and Girl Scouts, she does keep pretty busy. However, I don’t know that I would change that. Dancing is teaching her valuable lessons about moving her body and presenting in public. So, we are going to have to agree […]

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Thinking Thursday: On Nature vs. Nuture

Do you ever think back to that Biology class you had in high school, to that day when the topic of “Heredity vs. Environment” was introduced? I loved that session, and I loved it again when it came up in my college Psych class. I loved it again when I came across it in a […]

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Create Lifelong Readers

Moms are concerned about reading. There’s nothing worse than having the kid in the class who is last learning to read. If you haven’t yet had a sleepless night of worry over how your kid is doing in school, it’s probably coming. And if there’s one thing you should be worried about, it’s whether your […]

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