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Great American Road Trip – Car Sanity

I had this beautiful vision in my head of our road trip. We could all listen to audio books and sing road trip songs and engage in family games… Then I woke up and realized that this group of kids doesn’t get along in the car for the 20 minutes it takes us to get […]

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Great American Road Trip, but backwards

You know that moment when you throw a pen across the room in frustration and it may or may not hit someone? Yea, me neither… Anyway a moment of great frustration overwhelmed me and I nearly cancelled The Great American Road Trip. I couldn’t get the dates and hotels to work out. I couldn’t get […]

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Great American Road Trip: The Itinerary

After the concept, it was time to start real planning. We looked at the map. We debated and debated and thought about eliminating some stops. But, after it was all over (hours and hours later) we were sold on this ridiculously long journey. We have exactly 11 days to cover 4 time zones, 13 states, […]

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Great American Road Trip: The Plan

The Fairy Tale Family is planning a trip. I am, along with NBF, packing up the teen, the tween and the littlest (8) and heading off for the Wild Wild West. We will leave our fair city of Indianapolis on a Thursday night and visit Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone, Alcatraz, the Grand Canyon and […]

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The One Where My Car Got Towed (AKA Vacation Memories)

We just returned from a fabulous vacation in Gloucester, Massachusetts. This included plenty of relaxed family time at the ocean. And, on the ocean! We sailed, we whale watched, we walked the breakwater, we ferried across the Boston Harbor. We saw lighthouses and wildlife. We dined on seafood and ice cream. There wasn’t a moment […]

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