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Bullying, Silence, and a Culture of Protection

Last night, the teen brought to my attention a horrible social media account designed for bullying. It was an Instagram page titled [School Name] Sluts which featured edited pics of students with rude messages, rumors, and a price tag. It was just awful. So I did what I do. I reported it for bullying, then […]

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On The Science of Candy And Homework

When we started at the Montessori school we love, it included an annual science fair. Science is so not my strong suit, but I found a cute soap project for Brenia to do for her kindergarten year. The next year, we ended up transferring Stacia to the same school, mere weeks before the projects were […]

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The One Where I Play Helicopter Mom

Our family has been gluten free for 4 years—you’ll notice that is the age of my youngest daughter. She was diagnosed with celiac disease as a baby—a very sick, very tiny baby. At 9 months old, Lorelai weighed in at 14 pounds. That tends to make a momma coddle a child, just a bit. It’s […]

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The One Where I Send My Kids Away

Next week, I am sending my youngest to preschool. This will be my first child to attend preschool. I always figured if I was making the decision to stay at home with my children, I should go all out. In fact, we were originally going to homeschool, but I failed at that too. The Montessori […]

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