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Kids, Pets, and Epic Messes: Welcome to Summer (Plus a Giveaway!)

Now that the kids are out of school, any semblance of order and cleanliness is completely gone. I’m excited to have them home for family fun, bonding with our upcoming adoption placement, and months of carpool and lunch-packing avoidance. The completely out-of-control house and sheer volume of messes they make? Not so exciting. We’re just […]

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It’s all over, until it starts again.

School is out. The plans for summer vacation are (mostly) made. I’m all done with waking up a cranky kid to get her ready for school. Summer is my favorite season. I love the heat and the sunshine. And, I really, really love that we are officially done with dance season….For 2 whole weeks. The […]

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How To Save Your Sanity This #Summer

School is out any day now and stay-at-home moms like me are starting to panic about what to do with all those kids. Your school calendar is made up of Scouts, lessons, rehearsals and other after school activities. You can anticipate what is coming and respond accordingly, but you don’t have to let chaos reign […]

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Frugal Fun to End the Summer

As summer is winding down, you may have run out of things to keep your child or children occupied. Many different activities can really hurt the pocket book. There are, however, many fun, free (or really cheap) things to do. Check your local library. You probably know they have story time, but many also have […]

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Getting Kids to Choose Water

Image via Wikipedia It is so hot outside, and it’s important for kids to stay hydrated. Of course, they’d much rather grab a Capri Sun or juice box than a glass of water. You may have to come up with a few tricks to get kids to make the right choice. Juice provides unnecessary sugar […]

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Control Summer Snacking with a Lunch Box

Now that the girls are home all day, the grocery budget can get a little out of control. There’s breakfast, of course. Then, second breakfast. Followed by lunch. And, second lunch. Plus, the afternoon snack. I’m amazed they’re actually hungry by the time dinner rolls around. I truly don’t mind them eating when they’re hungry. […]

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