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On Self-Esteem & Body After Baby (Plus Yummie Tummie Giveaway)

When I was younger, I cursed my too-skinny body. I was teased for my “chicken legs” and wanted nothing more than curves. Then I finally got them, and Sir Mixalot had to go & ruin that for me, too. Thank goodness for the grunge phase—it was easy to hide my 36x24x36 in baggy, flannel shirts. […]

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On Blending Families and the Chevy Traverse

Sometimes things happen that we couldn’t have predicted. Whether a wonderful surprise or a devastating set back, we can rarely anticipate what life has in store for us. This happened to me when my family suddenly grew. The princess and I had been traveling along blissfully unaware that we would become part of a larger […]

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On Balancing it All

Some people jump into motherhood with all of their being; kind of like a cartoon character dives from the high dive into an impossibly shallow pool. Yet, those moms seem to figure out on the way down how to swim in the 6 inches of water without a worry. They seem born knowing how to […]

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On Connecting Generations (Plus, Penguins of Madagascar Giveaway)

When My Blog Spark asked me to try Trix & check out the new Penguins of Madagascar DVD, my girls were very excited! The penguins hold a very special place in our hearts. When the original Madagascar movie was in theaters, my mom & sisters were out of town. I was planning a visit for […]

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On Feeling Good About You

I am amazed at how much better I handle everything when I have a regular workout routine. I am a much nicer person. I am much calmer. I am a better wife, mother and friend. I have had a great journey this year figuring this out. Six months ago, I was at my heaviest point […]

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Thinkin Thursday: On Gratitude

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about appreciation. I think we have forgotten manners with my generation. Growing up, I was always forced to write thank you notes for gifts I got. While it was tedious at the time, I now really appreciate it and do the same for my children. I think we expect […]

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