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Thinking Thursday: On Promises

I’ve been giving thought lately to keeping my word. I generally can be counted on to keep a promise and honor my commitments. That is—when it matters—I can be counted on to be there. When I think it matters or when I know it matters to someone that I care about, I am relentless about […]

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Thinking Thursday: On Nature vs. Nuture

Do you ever think back to that Biology class you had in high school, to that day when the topic of “Heredity vs. Environment” was introduced? I loved that session, and I loved it again when it came up in my college Psych class. I loved it again when I came across it in a […]

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Thinking Thursday: On Friendship

I am so thankful for my wonderful friends. Lately, that is a thought that keeps popping up. I live in South Florida, which is truly a melting pot. We have people from all over the world living together in the same neighborhood. What we don’t have a lot of is family that is close. This […]

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Thinking Thursday: On Every Moment

My oldest is 6. That may seem young, but if you think about it he is one third done with his official childhood and half-way to being a teenager. And as the cliche goes, time has flown. I’m so glad that one of my big parenting goals from day one has been to make great […]

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Thinking Thursday: On Accepting Change

All the while that I was fretting—I wasn’t thinking about the most important thing—was my son happy? Was he building strong relationships with his teacher and his friends? Did he look forward to going to school?

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Thinking Thursday: On Letting Go

I’ve found myself spread really thin lately.  I always say that multitasking is one of my many strengths, but it turns out, there is a limit to what I can do effectively.  Just as we all do, I have many different rolls to play: mother, daughter, friend, employee, boss, lover, sister, and the list goes […]

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