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How To Get Your Kids To Tell You About Their School Day

“How was school?” “Fine.” “What did you do today?” “Nothing.” It’s a conversation happening in minivans around the world, every afternoon. If you want to really find out what your kids are doing at school all day, you’re going to have to change the questions. Or, you know, friend their teachers on Facebook. But, if […]

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Bathtime Spelling Words

Like most everyone I know, I keep a busy schedule. In fact, as I write this I just finished a 13 hour work day, then picked up the princess from dance class, went to the grocery store, proof read homework, did 2 loads of laundry and have tried to eat dinner twice. (I was mostly […]

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Giving The Gift of Family Fun

Year after year, I swear I’ll do things differently. Instead of saying maybe later, I’ll say Yes! Let’s go do that today. Instead of a list of things I wish I did with the girls, I’ll scrapbook all the things we did through the year. This year, we got lucky. Through a couple incredible opportunities, […]

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The Present Poem: Controlling Gift Spending

We have three girls, with birthdays in November, December & January—that’s a lot of presents amidst the holiday chaos! The budget can get out of control. Not to mention the toy room chaos. Several years ago, I stumbled on a Victorian adage that sounded like the perfect solution. For birthday & Christmas, each girl now […]

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Easy Family Travel: The Road Trip Bag

We leave in just a few days for our much anticipated Disney vacation. The tickets are purchased, the resort is secured and the dining reservations are scheduled. All that’s left for us to worry about is getting there—and back. Our road trip plans worked very nicely for our summer beach trip. (Well, aside from the […]

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Sleeping Bag Naps

My oldest gave up her nap at 18 months. It coincided with a move to a new city, and she was my first so I didn’t have a real idea of what I should have expected. I didn’t have friends with kids her age so I had no idea what was “normal” to even wish […]

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