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Tween Gift Ideas: Skylanders Primer for Moms

We were introduced to Skylanders last year when one of the tween’s friends brought her collection over for a sleepover, but we didn’t really learn much about it until this year. When the boy got Skylanders Giants for his birthday, he and the tween played pretty much nonstop for the rest of the summer. Then Swap Force came out, […]

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On Reliving My Childhood (Plus Smurfs Dance Party Review)

When I was little, the Smurfs were huge. Huge. And, I loved them. I loved Smurfs so much that I wrote poems about them nonstop. True story. My dad and I used to create limericks about Smurfs at night before I went to bed. Oh, how I wish we still had some of those! (I’m […]

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How Young Is Too Young for Video Games?

My 5-year-old has a DS. There—I said it. And, no, today is not Friday. Because, this is not a Mom Fail. I have witnessed many “discussions” about the appropriate age for a video game system—both online and off. The bottom line is, what is an isn’t appropriate for a child depends on the child and—wait […]

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