Toys Mom Won’t Hate Holiday Gift Guide

The internet is full of lists to make your shopping easier. There are gift guides sorted by age and gender and interest level — all designed to make choosing the perfect gift easy for you. This list is also sorted by age, but it’s not about simplifying your shopping. This list is for the moms. The mom who maybe forgot to buy extra batteries or is too tired to ice the perfect sugar cookie. This is the list of toys that will entertain your kids so you can close the door and use the bathroom for 2 minutes without being interrupted.

Mom — this list is for you.

These are the toys we already know our kids love — and we won’t hate having around! Notice the lack of toys that require a billion little pieces. It’s intentional. Picking up and retaining little pieces is not on the list of a mom’s fun things. But, we do like to play with our kids.

This list includes things we enjoy sharing with our little ones — gifts we love to give and receive, but we will happily take your suggestions as well. If you have a product you think would be a good fit for our readers, please submit it to our holiday gift guide.