Toys Mom Won’t Hate: Teen Gift Guide

Teen Gift Ideas

It can be hard to figure out what teens may actually like, in between the eyerolls and heavy sighing. They’re trying to figure out who they are, exploring bands, experimenting with fashion, and trying to find their place in this world. That makes life tricky for parents, but there are still plenty of awesome gift ideas.

Gift Cards

Gift cards for iTunes, Google Play, or their favorite stores would be a huge hit. Teens just want to pick out their own stuff. Truly. If the idea of giving a gift card makes you uncomfortable, give them an afternoon instead. Take her shopping for an outfit. Take him to the sporting goods store. Spend time together while they choose something they’ll really love.

Skullcandy earbuds and headphones

Teens keep earbuds in their backpack, headphones at their desk, and often need yet another pair for on-the-go. The colors and designs from Skullcandy are still a hit, and you can never have too many. Pair it with an iTunes or Amazon music card for the perfect teen gift!

Disney Hyperion YA Booksgiveaway!

Disney-Hyperion publishes some of our very favorite teen fiction. With several new books and series being released this holiday season, you’re sure to find the perfect book for your teen. Books give teens a chance to escape their self-proclaimed crappy reality. And, moms won’t mind them checking out when it’s to read a book.

7″ Android Tablet

iPads top the list for many teens. You know, the list of totally unrealistic gifts we’re never going to buy. A good Android tablet could be the perfect compromise. They’re much more affordable with plenty of games, apps, and music. They may not have quite the same “cool factor” that an iPad would, but they do provide teens with a more realistic option for school work, apps, and social media.

Magazine subscriptions

Having trouble keeping up with your teen’s likes? This week it’s Taylor Swift and everything red; next week it’s some band you’ve never heard of, and everything in green, please. A magazine subscription can keep up with your teen’s changing tastes with new material every month, delivered right to their mailbox. Try Seventeen, Sports Illustrated, or ESPN Magazine.
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