Gift Guide Submission Page

We’re putting together a different kind of gift guide. It’s not about what the kids see on television. It won’t include those “I have to have it right now but will never actually use it” toys. This is about the moms — toys we want our kids to have. Toys we’re proud to give others.

We’re not looking for the toys that break by January or require a dozen batteries every day. We don’t want toys with a billion pieces that we have to pick up all day long. We aren’t interested in anything that takes an hour to put together.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We want fun, quality toys that spark creativity and engagement, last through the next year, and keep kids entertained while we cook dinner or just go to the bathroom by ourselves for once. We have a few ideas of our own — gifts we love to give and receive — but we will happily take your ideas and suggestions as well.

The Miscellaneous Mom kids range in age from 8 to 16. We also have nieces and nephews and cousins to buy for in all ages. And we don’t want their moms to hate us either! This gift guide will include categories for all age groups, boys and girls, with toys and games kids will love and moms won’t hate.

In addition to the gift guide, we are planning to host multiple giveaways of our favorite things. If you choose to offer a giveaway to our readers, you will receive:

● A featured post about your toy and why we love it
● Highlighted placement in our “Toys Moms Don’t Hate” gift guide page
● Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest Mentions from @MiscMom, @justheather, and @fairytalemom
● Engagement in giveaway entries from our readers, including Pins, Facebook likes, Twitter follows and mentions

Please complete the gift guide submission form below, and someone will contact you with details on submitting your product.

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